5 Of The Best Ever Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather questions are a great method to get a dialog began in a great and interesting way. And it’s easy just by inquiring “ after a would you rather question why” to get into some amazing conversations. You’ll get some extremely interesting answers and probably learn a lot more about the individual you are talking to.

It is possible to take turns asking each member of the group and choosing a would you rather question if you’ve got a group. You both can take turns asking would you rather questions to each other if it’s merely two of you. Or you also can just run down the list collectively answering them all together. I’ve got my would you rather questions. Let’s start with number one would you rather…

5 Best WOuld You RAther 1

Would you rather swim with sharks or crocodiles?

I would you cough it out because at least, I don’t know why. I would do crocodile.

Would you rather be in a pool or an ocean?

I love pools, I don’t like the ocean water. I don’t like salt water. I don’t like, I just don’t like it it gives me the chills, I don’t  like an ocean but I like walking on the beach.

Would you rather be ugly or a midget?

I would be a midget.

Would you rather eat a 100-year-old piece of sandwich or eat a fly?

I would eat fly because, first of all, they don’t smell really bad and it is tiny in size but sandwiches are big and they will smell.

Would you rather live one 1,000-year life or ten 100-year lives?

I can’t tell what exactly you mean by the question. If I choose to live ten lives, do I retain my memory of my previous lives, or am I just reincarnated as a completely new person each lifetime?

So those are all five questions and your question of the day is ”Would you rather drink liquids with us to your life or eat food for those your life?” Um, it’s a hard question but it is easy to answer like if you know yourself good enough.