25 Junk Food Based “Would You Rather” Questions To Test The Important People In Your Life

If you’re starting to date someone or scoping out a BFF and need to really know if they’re worth it, let me present to you a little idea: What better method to discover if you’re compatible than with a healthy game of junk food based “Would you rather” questions? It is really time you put them.

(NOTE: that you do not need a potential date, or a significant other to participate in this nonsensical game. Ask your coworkers, best friends, and even your mum these questions. Or merely reply them yourself, which can be what I just did.)

would you rather food version
1. Would you rather just eat blue tortilla chips or tortilla chips that are yellowish? 2. Would you rather be eating chocolate based fruity candies or sweets /gummies right this second?
3. Would you rather have fro yo or ice cream?
4. Would you have Lays or Ruffles?
5. Would you have a sugary cereal or donuts?
6. Would you have popcorn or cheddar popcorn with movie theatre butter? 11.
5. Would you rather have Cheezits or Goldfish?
6. Would you rather bake brownies or make rice crispy treats?
7. Would you rather have honey braided twists or classic pretzels?
8. Would you rather have veggie sticks or kale chips?
9. Would you have kale chips or anything else?
10. Would you rather have a Snickers ice cream bar or an ice cream sandwich?
12.Would you rather purchase a bite at Trader Joe’s or at CVS?
13. Would you rather have an all-natural fruit bar or a fruit roll up from your own youth?
14.Would you rather melt cheese on tortilla chips or have sliced cheese?
15.Would you have Cheetos or Fritos?
16. Would you rather have a granola bar or a candy bar?
17. Would you have water crackers or Triscuits?

Sorry not sorry for anyone who merely #wrecked friendships/major relationships/their sense of self forever. The truth would come out eventually. Thanks to me, you get back to some semblance of normalcy even earlier and can get the pieces of your life.


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